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Laurie Sucharda

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

Artist and art therapist working in oil, watercolor, mixed media and sculpture. Available to teach workshops or classes. My work can be seen at

artist statement

A lifelong intense desire to learn the ‘how-to’ of making things has provided me with experience using a variety of media which I incorporate as needed to “paint” my pieces. As an artist I often use the words ‘I paint’, but, I would perhaps be better served by turning art into a verb and saying ‘I art’ when describing how I work and the materials I use. I have lived my life acutely aware of the rhythm of the changing seasons and the small mystery found in daily happenings. During the past few years, in addition to my paintings, I have been making mixed media works which I refer to as altar pieces. Part painting and part sculpture, I use the altarpiece as a form to teach, tell stories and elevate my subject matter, reveal its importance. Recent altar pieces have focused on ecological themes, issues with the environment, and explore humans’ effect on nature and vice versa. And as I have always been one to see both sides of a situation, I paint the contrasts between inside, outside, good, bad, nature, technology, reality, abstraction, and so tell both sides of a story.

Because after all is said and done, I am a story teller, in my life and in my art. Inspired by what’s found just around the corner, I use vibrant color as a vocabulary to express my ideas, dreams, and wishes, my stories and those of others:
• gardens, because I love the color and growth that happens each spring, with or without our help, the weeding out that happens, and the harvest
• my kitchen utensils, quilts, old toys and other collectibles to remember and celebrate the home life of women (my grandmothers, myself, and others) who have created beauty and art without cultural recognition for their efforts
• female figures to honor the Goddess in every woman
• fantasy to remember and celebrate a time when I believed in fairies, moon maidens and the fun found in myth and children’s faith
• wild nature, the escape to woods and water where from the middle of a friend’s fishing boat peace can be found