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  • “Johnny Cash - The Man In Black”Johnny Cash - The Man In Black

    September 12, 2003

Nick Hansen

  • Literature
I am a Literary Professional

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artist bio

As early as I can remember I can always recall two things from my childhood. The first is the my kindergarten teacher’s compliment towards my expressive and artistic talents. Throughout my life I have learned to use creativity to “think outside the box“. The second is my late father taking me to the local dragstrip called Great Lakes Dragaway. Together these elements created my deep passion for art, creativity, education and American automotive culture.

Automotive culture is more than metal on wheels. It built this America. Our roads lead to the culture and creativity that create the soul of our country. Automotive design, customization and roaring engines evoke feelings of beauty individual expression. Whether it is a vintage 1932 Ford hotrod, or a contemporary Porsche racecar, or even a pinstriped tail draggin’ 1952 chevy, they all share the same element of individuality and artistic expression.

Over the years my art has taken from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design to art teaching in the inner city, and from painting murals to designing logos for the POMC (Parents of Murdered Children), or from teaching art at Dance Works to become the creative director at Mader’s german restaurant. After all my years of artistic exploration I have found my true passions: Automotive art and Art education.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if regards to freelance art or art education, I will be honored to hear from you.

artist statement

America is viewed through the windshields of our lives.

Throughout history humans have developed an intimate relationship to the internal combustion engine. John Steinbeck referenced this with The Grapes of Wrath. Fitzgerald personifies automobiles in The Great Gatsby. The fire and spark become the metaphor that fuels our lives. Nick Hansen’s illustration work is colorful & whimsical while his fine art pieces reveal an expressive and soulful sensitivity. Whether Nick Hansen works under his gearhead alias LiL’ NiCk, or as a professional designer creating innovative logos, one thing is clear:

The road to creative solutions and the disovery of soul searching is viewed from the driver’s seat of LiL' NiCk......enjoy the ride!