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  • “Milwaukee ornament”Milwaukee ornament

    Milwaukee ornament design #3 became necessary to carve, as the material I use to impress in the clay can deteriorate in a dozen or fewer pressings. I guess that makes these 'limited editions"! My design, sketched and handcarved by me, pressed into a cool, damp clay slab in my little studio with the aid of an old wooden rolling pin I inherited from my grandmother (you know the kind, with the celery green colored handles), fired, individually watercolor-glazed by me to highlight the skyline as seen from Lake Michigan, then fired again, by me. All with love and attention to detail, if you're into that sort of thing.

Faith Ann Givings Faith Ann Originals

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artist bio

I'm a mostly self-taught watercolorist, ceramic artist & potter from Appleton & Milwaukee, WI.

I had heard time & time again that *watercolor + clay + kiln* don't mix, or would be too difficult to achieve convincingly. Still, I couldn't escape the urge to preserve whatever bits I could of my beloved Wisconsin garden. Then, while recovering from brain surgery and heartbreak, I threw myself into it... at UW-M, my little studio, and at the big wooden picnic table in my Milwaukee backyard.
Twenty years later, here I am, "pounding clay," picking the very sweetest from my Wisconsin garden, and preserving garden memories in a manner I hope you might like for your home! :)

artist statement

My work is difficult to describe quickly.

I combine local garden favorites, wildflowers to perennials to weeds, with fine white clay, pressed together, fired and glazed with my own watercolor glaze techniques, to make decorative and functional pieces for home, office, and gift-giving.

From LARGE ((2- 3 ft leaf sculptures, bowls, wall hangings & serving trays)), to ONE-OF-A-KIND botanical-wall-hanging- trays, to HANDMADE TILES with uniquely local themes, to a wide range of ORNAMENTS-perfect-for-gift-giving, to BITE-SIZED ((under $25)) little tastes of art ((ceramic PINS, BUTTONS, PENDANTS, and CERAMIC GIFT TAGS, most using recycled clay from my large work)), each piece formed by me, carefully dried and sanded, fired, ‘watercolored’, crystal-clear glazed, and fired again, by me :)

From 2 inches to 2 feet, I make every piece as if it was a gift for my mother, with fine attention to detail and the intention of lightening the heart.

As I said, my work is difficult to describe quickly.
Thank heaven a picture is worth a thousand words!

Here's one from October 2012's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


“I just opened my beautiful package from you Faith, and I absolutely adore the sea turtle penadant I purchased for my Sister :) the craftsman ship is so beautiful, the colors are so soft. It's as if he is going to swim off the tile into my hand. I so love the extra gifts you sent :) I will wear the pin on my denim jacket this winter, and the beautiful leaf tile is hanging on my bulletin board right next to my desk. I love your elegant and natural :) thank you for your fast shipping and great customer service.”
Sheila of Addie Mae's Closet, Riverside, CA
“Faith, your package was waiting for me today when i got home from work. how i admire your talent.!!! your ceramics and watercolors are just splendid. i can't figure out how you make something that looks so delicate and sturdy at the same time. i like the creamy background with the blue and green. this is a real treasure i look forward to seeing every day! i have just the perfect spot for it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!”
Cindi Sue Murphy, Indian Mound, TN
“Faith Ann absolutely exceeded any expectations I had. Truly Personalized Care. Beautiful Artwork. Highly Recommend.!”
TOM TOLAR of thomas james studio, Portland, OR
“So beautiful and perfect, the natural beauty of the perfect little leaf saved forever :) I always intend to use your buttons for "work", but I almost always keep those creations for my family, your stuff is just so amazing it's hard to let go :) Thank you again for the stunning quality, the generous extras, and the wonderful service ♥”
Rhea, of Sweets N Things, The Coos, New Mexico
“Absolutely gorgeous work; even more beautiful in person! Super fast shipping. Lovely working with (FaithAnn). I will definitely be keeping an eye on her shop in the future!”
Kate, of MoMoPics, Chicago, IL
“Thank you very much! I don't know how I am going to give this away as a gift! I want to keep it for myself! Your work is very beautiful! I love everything about it!”
Cherilyn of Austin Texas
“Both ceramic brooches are exquisite! I love the watercolor effect!!!!! Thank you for the beautiful gifts you sent me. Love it ,love it!!!! ”
Mary Spencer of Yuma, AZ
“OMG! These subtle yet colorful pendants are beautiful! I have never seen anything like them. Please keep creating more!!”
Lynn Middleton, New Orleans, LA
“I received my second piece from Faith Ann Originals. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the craftsmanship, not to mention the "added gifts" that she provides with your order. It's so nice to receive such great service and appreciation from the artist. These pieces are more beautiful in person and unfortunately for other buyers, the pictures do not do justice. Be assured you will receive a beautiful work of art. I plan to keep my eye out for other pieces. I am building a new home this year and will be furnishing a few rooms in the Arts & Crafts Movement. Be assured these pieces will be prominantly displayed. Thank you again!”
Alex Ricardo, New York, NY
“Incredible! The piece alone is absolutely beautiful. But the detail of "Thanks" given by the artist when I received this piece was well recognized. After seeing this piece, I am already looking at buying more. Thank you!”
Alex Ricardo, New York, NY