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Anthony Mikkelson

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artist bio

I am an illustrator, painter, and animator from Milwaukee. I work under Anthony Mikkelson a.k.a Chunk a.k.a ACME (SATO CØYØTL). My academic endeavor brought me from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and ultimately to The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee to receive a BFA in Painting. Graduation came with a new President and the Great Recession which lead me to keep my day job as an EMT for an ambulance company that services the Milwaukee inner-city. By sheer independent will and straight job financial backing, USED CAR studios was created. It started out as an animation studio/apartment located above my Uncle Bob's used car lot on 35th street and has since moved into the 3rd Ward as a studio and part-time gallery to showcase my works and works of fellow artists. I also exhibit in various MKE galleries as well as New York City on occasion. The direction of my art has always been studio minded first and gallery and promotion a very far second, bread then butter.

artist statement

I work in the animated narrative form as a way to both tell a story and obscure the visual field which often results in singular pieces that one may hang on a wall. The animations I make tend to be fast scrawled productions that build upon visual elements from past works to bring together ideas and stories. I draw my stories from past familial experiences and observations from working on an ambulance in the city. In resisting the digital form, 2D hand-drawn expression plays like lo-fi punk tunes which were often the soundtrack in my head as these images were conceived while driving. Where the muse has gone the duende remains, that is the path of my future works.