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  • “two houses collide.”two houses collide.

    collagraph, etching, collage, mixed media, 2012

Stacey Steinberg

  • Art
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artist bio

Stacey Steinberg lives and works near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has maintained a studio since receiving her BFA degree at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2004, and shows work regularly. She is represented by the Elaine Erickson Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

artist statement

You shouldn’t expect some typical “I’ve wanted to be an artist since I could remember” sort of story. I am not going to tell you that I can remember holding a pencil since I could walk. I wasn’t born with a drawing tool in either hand. Instead, when I was six or seven, I tried to dig a hole in my grandparent’s backyard that would go through the core of the earth all the way to China. My grandfather brought me a Jolly Good cherry soda and we took a break from my intensive digging in a set of striped, worn lawn chairs that never left their designated spots. After a few hours, and a hole barely big enough to stick my head and shoulders in, I gave up, frustrated and furious. Through the screen door on the back of the house my grandmother told me to come sit with her at the kitchen table. Defeated by my failed attempts at deep-tunneling to China, she persuaded me to pick up a pencil and begin drawing.

Ultimately, I create, because without it, I would be overrun by my own emotions. Drawing, printing, and sculpting have become vital parts of my life; without creation, things become erased without any evidence that they have ever occurred. And I refuse to let that happen. My works are reliquaries, containers for the experiences that I have had, for the memories that have stayed with me since that attempt many years ago at visiting China. I create visceral, tactile artwork to give presence to things that I can feel, but often cannot speak about. Drawing is my native language; all else is secondary.