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  • “Introverted Stranger, the Wayfaring Stranger's Sister”Introverted Stranger, the Wayfaring Stranger's Sister

    Inverted Color Print Variable Size Original Size 30"x30"

Carrie Ann Seymour

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  • Literature
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artist bio

Carrie Ann Seymour is a painter, writer, musician, and publisher living in Milwaukee.

Carrie Ann's mission for the past two years has been to promote the work of local contemporary artists by publishing ArtBook MKE, a free fine art magazine distributed throughout Milwaukee and surrounding areas bi-annually, and published quarterly online.

In addition to ArtBook, Carrie Ann creates her own work, which is available for sale and viewing by appointment. Her current projects include a collection of music and poetry accompanied by print images in book form, a collaborative show with greymatter gallery featuring the work of ten ArtBook MKE artists, and a series of acrylic/mixed media paintings exploring the concept of reconnecting broken things.


Recent critique of Carrie Ann's music by WMSE's Tom Crawford::

"The demos are super raw. Naïve. Kinda brut. The Ceiling of the Ocean is like a hallucination. Very dreamy. When I listened to the Worry Song I thought this played intensity. How long can it go on for? Then it’s like Slow this down you can’t keep it up, then you bring the song down. Slow to slower. It’s really very pretty. Probably Always Will Be, is great as well. I don’t know what your plans are or where you want to take this, I overwhelmingly hope you keep this behavior up. Continue! I would like to hear more."

artist statement

My work explores the idea of creation and destruction, of repairing and continuing after loss. I work to piece together what has fallen apart, mend broken things, and construct missing things. While attending art school, my drawing teacher pushed me to tell her
"One True Thing."

This is that truth:

I work to mend my own broken heart.