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  • “Alden, Baton Rouge. 2012”Alden, Baton Rouge. 2012
  • “Scott and James, Manhattan. 2009”Scott and James, Manhattan. 2009
  • “Doug, Manhattan. 2009”Doug, Manhattan. 2009
  • “Lydia and Lois, Brooklyn. 2009”Lydia and Lois, Brooklyn. 2009
  • “DannO and Amelia, Milwaukee. 2009”DannO and Amelia, Milwaukee. 2009
  • “Frances, Brooklyn. 2010”Frances, Brooklyn. 2010
  • “Julian, Milwaukee. 2011”Julian, Milwaukee. 2011
  • “Nuco, Arlington. 2011”Nuco, Arlington. 2011
  • “Jude, Milwaukee. 2011”Jude, Milwaukee. 2011
  • “Rui James, Baton Rouge. 2012”Rui James, Baton Rouge. 2012

Lois Bielefeld

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Lois Bielefeld grew up in Milwaukee, WI. She graduated in 2002 from Rochester Institute of Technology, receiving her BFA in Advertising Photography. Soon after she made the mass migration with all of the other photo graduates to NYC where she lived for seven years. After assisting photographers she began shooting commercial and fashion work. In 2008 she started "The Bedroom" when she shared a bedroom for one year with her eight-year-old daughter in their small Brooklyn apartment. The series comprises 103 bedroom portraits around the US and focuses on the idea that the bedroom is a reflection and extension of the self. "The Bedroom" showed at the Milwaukee Portrait Gallery in spring of 2012 and also at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center’s “Emerging Artist Gallery” show in fall 2012. Currently Lois is a 2012 Mary Nohl Fellow in the emerging category and has work at Inova until Dec. 15, 2013.

Lois just completed photographing "Conceal Carry." This series is a portrait of both the person and their handgun and focuses on WI permitted handgun owners who conceal carry. There is audio interviews in addition to the photographs. Currently, she is photographing "Weeknight Dinners" centered around the idea of exploring people's habits with their typical weeknight meal. The idea of the conceptual portrait plays a central theme in her work.

In 2010, Lois relocated back to Milwaukee with her then 10 year old daughter. Besides photography, Lois loves to bike, cook, eat and dabble in Midwestern things like trap shooting.