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Laura Gorzek

  • Art
  • Literature
I am an Art Professional I am a Literary Professional

artist bio

Laura Gorzek is a photographer full of wonderlust who conducts arts education outreach programs, blends imagination with science, and can create something out of nothing.

artist statement

I view the world with child-like sense of wonder and a sincere excitement in the world around me. Sensitive to the beauty that surrounds us, I filter the stimuli in my sphere through my questioning mind and create my own vision translated through my hands. Usually using a set of mixed media elements including fabric, photography, and often incorporating a performance aspect my goal is to share my thoughts on the world around me with the everyday person.

My vision has shifted to the larger universe above us. I’ve been paying close attention to the shifts in the atmosphere and finding true beauty with only having to be aware of the sky from my insignificant point of reference. My artwork has turned into a devotion to the beauty of the yet to be explored. Creating my own mythologies and learning more about the space frontier I draw inspiration for my creations.