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  • “Discontentment”Discontentment

    Screen printed pedestal and folded book with found objects and ephemera.

  • “Endangered”Endangered

    Screen print and transfer processes on folded book.

  • “The Butterfly Effect”The Butterfly Effect

    Screen printed pedestal and folded book with lutradur and transfer processes.

  • “Day planner”Day planner

    Unique book: Transfer print on arches with altered day planners and found objects.

Tori Tasch

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artist bio

Tori Tasch is a printmaker and bookmaker residing in Merton, WI. She is an art teacher at St. Bruno Catholic School in Dousman. She is also a mentoring printmaker at RedLine and works in printmaking, papermaking and bookmaking with an emphasis on transfer processes.
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artist statement

My current work includes altered books and printmaking processes on paper, the paper is folded into sculptural books. The images are based on photographs from the urban environment, which is very different from the open spaces where I live. The books refer to current events and the impact on the community. In my books the layers of transfer prints reference the destruction, loss of habitat, and upheaval from natural disasters and the manmade destruction of the mortgage crisis. The book is a metaphor for the soul and allows me to cope with daily events. Layers of transfers reference images from my travels and the area around my studio.