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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “PABST Sign”PABST Sign

    Lino Print of the PABST sign

  • “1969 Oakland Ave”1969 Oakland Ave

    Lino Print of 1969 Oakland Ave, Milwaukee, WI

  • “Building Blocks”Building Blocks

    Building blocks carved into Cream City Brick

  • “M Brick”M Brick

    Multicolored "M" in Cream City Brick

  • “MKE Colors”MKE Colors

    MKE in Cream City Bricks

  • “Oakland Ave.”Oakland Ave.

    linoleum block print on brick

  • “Cream City Brick Planter”Cream City Brick Planter

    cream city bricks

  • “MKE neighborhoods”MKE neighborhoods

    cream city bricks

  • “Blue Fox”Blue Fox

    6X8 linoleum block print

  • “Autumn Leaves”Autumn Leaves

    5X7 linoleum block print

  • “Bay View Home”Bay View Home

    5X7 linoleum block print

Daniel Atkinson

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Dan Atkinson
Wauwatosa, WI 53213 Us
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artist bio

2013. Bachelors of Fine Art from UWM - Print and Narrative Forms

artist statement

Local images and found objects create both a physical and psychological connection to my location, my home. Exploring local culture, architecture, and wild life helps me acknowledge, understand, and overcome my rural upbringing, living abroad in the Army, and settling in an urban environment.

I am attracted to the reproductive aspect of printmaking, multiple, unique individual pieces of art available to large audiences. Bricks complement this idea as mass produced but individually unique items.