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  • “Make A Sketch”Make A Sketch

    The Make A Sketch is an interactive piece that functions like an Etch A Sketch, with the two knobs controlling a point on the screen to create a drawing. Images are saved and uploaded to a web site. More Info:

Pete Prodoehl

  • Art
  • Film
  • Design
I am an Art Professional I am a Film Professional I am a Design Professional

My Sites

artist bio

I tend to dabble in all things, including photography, videography, interactive art, printmaking, silk screening, 3D printing, digital fabrication, laser cutting, and anything else that grabs my interest.

artist statement

I love to creating things, and most recently I've been exploring the the combination of the digital and analog worlds to ultimately create art that relies on electronic tools, but comes to life in the physical world. The latest work is a series of paintings on canvas which were initially conceived via programming.