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  • “Aerial Art”Aerial Art

    Peace | Strength | Self Expression. ... a lifetime of practicing.... grace

Charity Harvey

  • Dance
I am a Dance Professional

artist bio

Charity Harvey, 200 hr -RYT
For me, Yoga has been the key to mental and emotional freedom. I am constantly in awe of the beauty that has been returned to my world through the seemingly simple techniques of yoga. The powerful simplicity of breath, the ease that unfolds when we begin to practice letting go. Opening ourselves to new perspectives, loosing ourselves from the ruts we’ve been trudging, and exploring new open skies.
After years of professional dance, I’ve healed from the toll that trying to demand perfection takes on our bodies, and minds. Through yoga, I’ve discovered a deeper beauty and joy in life, and dance. That is what I aim to teach. First, connecting securely to yourself, and letting peripheral expectations fall away. I encourage my students to honor their bodies and their experience, above all expectations that may arise. It is my honor and joy to share this practice with you.

artist statement

Each Aerial Art class begins and ends with yoga. We warm up by learning to flow around the pole. It spins, so this is both fun and challenging. The flow is easily adaptable for a more or less intense workout. This graceful foundation will build the strength and confidence that will enable you to make beautiful transitions in advanced poses. Once we’re warmed up we will begin to work through initial poses, lifts, and grips. This will build strength for later inversions. Each student will have the opportunity to dance/move freely before closing with yoga asana, and finishing with a well deserved savasana.