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Charity Harvey

  • Dance
I am a Dance Professional

artist bio

Hi, my name is Charity Harvey.
I am the owner and instructor at Essential Dance Studio in Bay View, where I teach a new form of Pole Art. I am extremely fortunate to have, for the last 3 years, a loving and supportive partner, Emmanuel Fritz who is also an artist. We are the proud parents of 2! Our son Owen is 8, and our daughter Arya is 1.

I began dancing professionally in 2006. I was a single mother struggling through collage. My son was 2 and I was 18. It is because of that experience that I have been cultivating a philosophy and vision to take pole dancing to a higher lever. It has been an extremely challenging journey that has brought me here, but I am beyond fortunate and privileged now to be able to share Pole Art with others.

artist statement

This is an expressive yoga and ballet like dance that is coupled with the gymnastic challenge of the pole. At Essential Dance Studio we're focused on personal well-being, and growth. Our dance is a medium for self expression, and a tool to develop strength that can empower us in every day life. Through physical activity, great food, and self expression, our mission is to inspire.

* Becoming Art *

To be beautiful,
to be elegant,
to be free;
of doubt,
of limitations;
to be confident.
To rise above objectification
and tell a story
so riveting,
that strength and energy
and fill the space.