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Byte Studios

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Serious web design, development and video since 1998

Byte Studios has built a reputation on pinpoint strategy, nuanced design and advanced programming for business and non-profit organizations. From video to design to web, we've been helping our clients communicate their visions, and helping them track and control that communication through our own content management system which connects all media to one central administration area.

Learn about what motivates us, and what we understand motivates you. Or see what the process is in working with us. Meet our team or learn what openings we have.

Of course, requesting a proposal from us is easy, and you can contact us as well.


One of the questions we always ask our clients is "why?" - why do they do what they do?

The responses vary - some clients have the desire to share with you the best cup of coffee that you've ever tasted. Some clients want to lead a nonprofit organization on a mission to save the world. But the one thing all of our clients have in common is working towards the goal of excellence.

So, then in turn, we have to ask ourselves, "Why do we do what we do?"

Well, we're excited about what we do and the projects we get to work on. And from the look of things, there's a lot for us to be excited about.

We're excited because with each and every client, we are let into a whole new world. We are excited to learn a little bit of what it takes to make a successful brewery, coffee roasting business, or non-profit health organization, or how to appear on CNN or the front page of the New York Times. And we're quite happy to be involved in this process and to ultimately be a part of each client's success.

We're excited about the internet. We're excited about social networking, microformats and "rapid application development." We're excited about convergence. We're excited about AJAX and the connections you can make between Flash, video and web content.