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  • “NYC”NYC

    I adore the energy rush of walking in an urban area, and what better place than New York City. Everything around you moves, and at a very quick pace. The only objects that are still are the street signs, and even then you are moving past them. With this linoleum block print I attempted to show movement in an urban area by duplicating the image and layering coloring underneath. Times Square is colorful, but I chose to make this print neutral so you could focus on the imagery and rhythmic movement.

Jenny Kyle Smith

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artist bio

Jenny Kyle-Smith is a freelance artist living in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Jenny moved with her family recently to the Milwaukee area from Dallas, Texas where she was an art educator for the past 8 years. Jenny achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from The University of Oklahoma in 1993, and is most passionate about working in mixed media; incorporating illustration, acrylic painting, screen printing and linoleum block printing. Jenny's work is exhibited in galleries in several galleries throughout the Milwaukee area, and her Seriagraphy Collage, "Angel II" was distinguished as Art Milwaukee's "Piece of the Week" in May 2013.

artist statement

I am inspired by personal experiences in life through which I rely upon a strong visual memory to create artistic imagery. I observe people and objects in high contrast and try to simplify yet stylize them as much as possible. I am realizing that my training as a graphic artist plays heavily into the prints I create. When illustrating I feel most connected to my work when it is hand rendered directly onto the screen or block. Using screen fill to block out feels painterly to me as if the screen is actually a canvas. I like experimenting with color and seeing what inks can be mixed in a can or on paper when layered. My illustrations tend to be large, bold, playful and colorful, with a lot of movement, texture and rhythm.