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  • “Detail of "48 Hertz"”Detail of

    from Bass Structures: the Mark of Sound

Emmanuel Fritz

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I am an Art Professional

artist bio

I live and work in Milwaukee with my loving partner and our two beautiful children.

During the day, you can usually find me in my Bay View studio, or on a jobsite for Artistic Finishes; a Decorative Finishing Company servicing the Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison areas.

artist statement

My studio practice flows between technological innovation and social responsibility. In a collaborative body of work (with artist Collin Schipper) titled "Bass Structures: The Mark of Sound", we use sound at extreme volumes to arrange paint into fractal like patterns that are specific to the note/frequency and materials used in the particular piece. It has been a wild ride exploring laws of physics and stretching the confines of our technology. On another note, a body of my solo work titled "Faces of the Broken" investigates the idea of brokenness in the human condition, as well as the process of embracing that brokenness to heal the wound and make it an integral part of what makes us beautiful.

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Please shoot me an email for a CV/Resume or list of accomplishments. Thanks!