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  • “Mindscape”Mindscape

Josh Hintz

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artist statement

My work is focused on explorations of space, form, and intuition. The work takes on the role of functionality within a space, while appealing to the raw aesthetics of the materials. My drawing work tends to follow the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses. A result of this can be, a perception, sensation, notion or intuition. All of my three dimensional works provide the user with a function. Although the form may be functional, the beginning of the process is parallel to that of the start of a drawing. I build things that force people to engage, an engagement that they may or may not be aware of. They sit down, they walk through, they are forced to interact by their own urges. Their own humanistic needs.
If you were to give someone an object, and watch them as they interact with it, there is a sensation of you coming in contact with them in a indirect way, that object, is an extension of you, it is your possession. All at the same time, they have little idea that this phenomenon is taking place, and they are only focusing on the object they're interacting with.
I have this physical connection with my work, and when I witness someone interacting with it, I feel like I am controlling the space, and connecting with the individuals inhabiting it.