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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “Sam Hopkins”Sam Hopkins

    Oil on canvas 16" x 20" 2014

  • “Hooker”Hooker

    Oil on canvas 16" x 20" 2014

  • “Sonny Boy”Sonny Boy

    Oil on canvas 16" x 20" 2014

  • “Mr. Ledbetter”Mr. Ledbetter

    Oil on canvas 16" x 20"

  • “B. B. King”B. B. King

    Oil an canvas 16" x 20" 2014

  • “Freddy”Freddy

    Oil on canvas 29" x 26" 2014

  • “Lou Reed”Lou Reed

    Oil on canvas 24" x 29" 2014

  • “Basquait”Basquait

    Oil on canvas 42" x 60" 2013

  • “The Duke”The Duke

    Oil 24" x 29" 2013 The paint may not be dry!

  • “Dickens”Dickens

    Oil 24" x 29" 2012 Bringing life to stale images with painterly gestures intuitively is the goal.

  • “Marilyn Dancing”Marilyn Dancing

    Oil 36" x 50" ca. 1976 Created in large studio at Water and Buffalo in Milwaukee's third ward where there was plenty of room to throw the paint around.

  • “Crumb”Crumb

    Inspired by small black and white photo of underground comic icon Robert Crumb. Oil 29" x 43" 2012

  • “Gretchen Colnic”Gretchen Colnic

    Oil 36" x 40" ca.1975 Inspired by a photo taken by Frank Ford. Remember her from local Milwaukee TV show. Always wore gorgeous hats.

Les Leffingwell

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Les Leffingwell
(262) 782-4808
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artist bio

Student of Joseph Friebert. Narendra Patel and Adolf Rosenblatt at UWM in the
late 60's. Art educator MSA (MIAD), art restorer, courtroom illustrator and owner
or Les Leffingwell Architectural Illustration. Oil painter of "Biographical Portraits"
included in many private collections since the 1970's. Native of Milwaukee, a
great place and time to be an artist!

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