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susan Berce

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

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Contact Info
Sue Berce Contemporary Oils
1512 east Friess Lake Dr.
hubertus, wi 53033

(262) 628-8172

artist bio

I am a former teacher and principal who was born again into the art world in 2011. Since then I have produced over 200 paintings. My work is in San Remy Gallery in the Marshall Building in the Third Ward and in the Underground Collaborative in Grand Avenue. You may also see my work in the storefront windows on Plankington Avenue, Grand Aveunue.
I am also the curator of the Underground Collaborative Art Gallery.
I wond third place in abstract in the international magazine, Artisit's Magazine. The award is for 2013, but came out in January/February of 2014.

artist statement

My work is done with a sculpted canvass. I work with newspaper and gessoe to give depth and texture to my abstract oil paintings. They are done is bright, gay colors, expressing both emotion and motion. Working on up to twenty-five paintings at a time, a series develops. My work is very colorful and exciting for the viewer. While each piece is unique and original, my signature style is evident.
Art is a means of expression and salvation for me. It is a lifestyle and my world.
Please go to to see my work, to see me.