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Jan Massie

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I am an Art Professional

artist bio

I love the process of doing things from the very beginning and creating beauty from the plain. I have been spinning fiber for over 30 years and creating art since my first box of 64 crayons. My first love is Fiber Arts. I spin Art Yarn that is best enjoyed by discovering the secret oddments I've spun into it. I also spin functional yarn from beautiful source fiber for use in custom knit wear. I have recently revisited painting and drawing as well. My paintings are primarily large abstract flowers. These allow for me to indulge in my love for color, a love which, on a daily basis, conquers a tendency to follow shiny objects. I own my own shop/studio in Oak Creek, Just 4 Ewe Fiber Studio.

artist statement

I love detail but the long stroke of a brush does my soul good. Texture and Color are my hands delight. I am a spinner, weaver, knitter. I paint, and love photograhy and a good cup of coffee.