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Kristelle Ulrich

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

I am a spiritual and contemporary artist of the Oneida Nations. I incorporate art in every aspect of my life believing in the philosophy that I was given the gift of living in creative abundance.

I am co-founder and manager of the "UC" Underground Collaborative ~ creative center located in the historic Plankinton Building of downtown Milwaukee’s Grand Avenue Mall. I am also the gallerist of the newly opened “Covart Gallery” located within the UC. I share the center with many creative individuals. I also share my creative gift by facilitating art and dance workshops for children and adults.

Stop in and visit my studio at the UC.

artist statement

I am working on a series of mixed media paintings and drawings that highlight my passion for intricately detailed line work combined with patterns. These works represent characters and scenes from a series of personal dream stories.

The works focus on characters in my dreams and the transformations they undergo. Patterns are created with ball point pen on paper or stenciled out with paint to create the depths of emotional lore and reality. My painting process can take between 40 to 100 hours of time due to the minute detail involved and the multiple layers of media.

Like music and poetry, visual art moves us into our own personal narratives. My work provides an intricately detailed account of my personal journey, yet the work is nonspecific, allowing viewers to make it their own.