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  • “Right-Now-A-Pillar Time”Right-Now-A-Pillar Time

    This fiber art mural was created in collaboration with students at 95th Street school out of fabrics from around the world. It was used as a page spread in the children's book, Squircle. Learn more at

Andrea Skyberg

artist bio

Andrea Skyberg is an artist and children's author. Her published works include CommuniTree (2013), Squircle (2013), Snickeyfritz (2009), and the upcoming Shimmerling (2014).

Before creating her first children’s book, Andrea worked as an art curator at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She loved the art of bringing different mediums and artists together to create a space where the community could participate in a dialog about the ideas in the exhibition. Her interest in using art a vehicle to bridge community led to the creation of her first children's picture book, Snickeyfritz. In the story Andrea connects the generations of grandchild and grandparent through a mix of bygone language and non-traditional artwork. Following the publication of her book, Andrea began working with schools as an artist educator and visiting author. She immensely enjoyed working with students, encouraging their creative expressions in art and writing. Because of these experiences, Andrea felt a strong desire to involve other people in the creation of her books. She began to work collaboratively with schools in Wisconsin to create the images for her second book, Squircle. The success of this book and project has led her to create more books as large collaborations with schools. Her upcoming book, Shimmerling, is being created with schools in Milwaukee and will be released in Spring 2014.

Andrea is a native of East Grand Forks, MN. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute, College of Art, and following graduation was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to travel to Nigeria. After almost a year living in Africa, she returned to the United States and continued her education at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, receiving her MFA in Fiber Arts and Museum Studies.

artist statement

Andrea loves creating picture books, as it allows her to blend art and writing, which she views as a natural pairing. She is a big believer in the power of the creative spirit and hopes that by encouraging children in art and writing it will help them develop their creative thinking skills, which she is certain is essential to our progression and improvement as a human race. She believes that everyone is born a creative human being and has the innate ability to create expressions of their human experience.

Andrea is passionate about crafting unique books using visual art and writing to explore inspiring ideas. She’s loves experimenting with new ways to create art for children’s picture books through non-traditional mediums and methods. Her books are inspired by her purpose to support children’s’ imaginations, intuitions, and feelings of interconnectedness with the world around them.