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  • “Scelestus: Milwaukee Alt. / William Arthur Collaborations”Scelestus: Milwaukee Alt. /  William Arthur Collaborations

    Scelestus: Milwaukee Alt. / William Arthur Collaborations Wood and Stone Tile Prints w/ Acrylic & Tattoo Ink

Ryan Laessig

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I am an Art Professional I am a Design Professional

artist bio

Hi my name is Ryan Laessig and I am the creator of Milwaukee Alt. Milwaukee Alt. stands for Milwaukee Alternative. This project started in 2006 as something I thought would be a great vision to bring to the local community. I wanted to find the Alternative side of Milwaukee, photograph it, and show how beautiful it is. I started out obviously in tattoo parlors and concerts trying to find alternative lifestyles. I started doing photoshoots of tattoo artists/piercers and their customers. I started falling in love with the beauty I was capturing and wanted to dive deeper into it. Over the years this project has evolved from photographing the tattoo and piercing community into working with local bands, bars, artists, graffiti artists, models, photographers, skaters, members of the gay community, punks, drifters, cultivators, small entrepreneurs, and just local alternative lifestyle citizens I see around town. They may strike me as unique and I find out how they contribute to the community and can remain themselves in a city of conformity and judgement of how we look, our profession, sexuality, artistic expression, and still to this day they maybe looked down upon just because we seem different and someone may not be well informed of our alternative lifestyle choices. Get your Men or Woman's Tee and other apparel, Bumper Stickers, small stickers for city mayhem-ing (Sold at Starship Tattoo and Body Piercing 76th street), or book a photoshoot today :) Booking Rates $45 - $750 based on shoot type/services/prints/themes etc.

artist statement

Milwaukee Inspires ME! Meeting new and unique people and being able to capture the real beauty thru raw {un-barbie doll trick editing} photography and art. I have been collaborating alot recently with painters/artists (William Arthur) & (Amanda Iglinski) to bring Art Fusion on next level mediums and out of the box creations to the public. Milwaukee Alt. has now formed into a local business to connect with the community. Doing photography and collaborative artwork for local shops, bars, clothing designers,and alternative model websites etc. has pushed us in the right direction.