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  • “Sea smoke wrapped lighthouse”Sea smoke wrapped lighthouse

    Milwaukee harbor

  • “Prairie Smoke”Prairie Smoke

    From our pollinator garden on the Milwaukee lakefront.

  • “Heart of day lily”Heart of day lily

    In my day lily garden.

  • “Sunrise at the MAM”Sunrise at the MAM
  • “Kletch Park winter scene 2013”Kletch Park winter scene 2013

Rickard Hokans

  • Art
  • Literature
I am an Art Professional I am a Literary Professional

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artist bio

Home: Holly, Michigan
Education: BS and MF (forestry) Michigan, PhD (forestry) Georgia
Writing experience: writing stories and poetry most of my life, little has been published outside of newsletters and other non-edited products. I read my poetry at live venues around Milwaukee.
Photography: started at age 12 and have kept it up. The work has been primarily used for scientific covers. Recently some of my images were used on the covers of a Chap Book "Burdock 12" published by Tepichpresser Press, 2012, in Milwaukee.
Most recently I have written two children's books, illustrated by my grand daughter. They are fairy tales based on family stories.

artist statement

I am a fine-art photographer seeking outlets for my work.

I write from the heart, describing those things that move me, amuse me, or disturb me at the moment. Recently I am finding poetry to be the best outlet for my desire to build images and tell stories.