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  • “Calm, 2014”Calm, 2014

    Needle on foam board mounted on panel, four panels, each 6" x 6"

  • “Calm (fourth panel), 2014 - Detail shot”Calm (fourth panel), 2014 - Detail shot

    Needle on foam board mounted on panel 6" x 6"

  • “Calm (fourth panel), 2014”Calm (fourth panel), 2014

    Needle on foam board mounted on panel. 6" x 6"

  • “Written Colors”Written Colors

    Hand written with ball point pen on vellum, 2014 22 1/4" x 17 1/4"

  • “Written Colors (detail shot)”Written Colors (detail shot)
  • “Reversed (detail shot)”Reversed (detail shot)
  • “Reversed”Reversed

    Embossing and charcoal on print paper. 2013 14" x 22"

  • “Untitled (detail shot)”Untitled (detail shot)
  • “Untitled”Untitled

    Etching, embossing and pastel on print paper, 2013 24" x 19"

  • “Everywhere and no where”Everywhere and no where

    Mixed media on canvas, 2013 44" x 36"

  • “Detail of the FingerPrint.”Detail of the FingerPrint.
  • “FingerPrint”FingerPrint

    This works consists of hundreds of cut out pieces.

Nina Ghanbarzadeh

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artist bio

Nina Ghanbarzadeh’s paintings are depictions of her cuture and background. She is not only trying to portrait the unfamiliar subjects from Iran to Western viewers, but keeping her memories alive and fresh at the same time. Bits and pieces from historical sites to advertisements and people are present in her work. Her intention in producing these paintings, is to evoke curiosity in the audience.

She is currently an artist in residence with RedLine Milwaukee.
She has been also one of the featured artists on 365artists365days.