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  • “Crossroad”Crossroad

    A turning point - what to do? Be safe and never know or challenge myself and find my true strength?

Marilyn Schmid

  • Art
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artist bio

Primarily a self-taught painter, I prefer using oils because we work comfortably together. I paint in many styles because I create a vision on canvas of what a piece of life shows to me of itself. I have studied drawing and painting in classes in CA, TX, and WI tho I have no art degree. My growth as a human being is in these paintings. I relay a message from dreams, insights, internal struggles, life, and was happy to have a young woman tell me "Look at those colors; they're happy! That's me!" or to have a 6-year-old tell me "That's a good . . .picture . . . of a man." I may not have intended that but I appreciate their interpretation. It helps me grow.

artist statement

I love my work. I love to paint and I love to clean up after myself and I love to watch the cats play in the area where I work. It's all about being alive and color and all the things that make me smile. I grew up without art or creativity of any kind; it just wasn't allowed. But I began mending my own clothes and paying attention to what went into creating clothes; buying patterns and fabric for my daughter's clothes. I taught myself to knit and do cross-stitch. Many years later, when we were living in Texas, my daughter came home one day and held a piece of 8x11 yellow paper, flat up, facing me. "Mom, you need this!" Art lessons? I can't afford that!!! "MOM! YOU NEED THIS!" OK; and I took lessons from a newly graduated UT student - an amazing teacher. She loved my work and wouldn't answer my questions; just said she'd see it when it was finished. She was invited to Paris, France to teach a few years later. Smart lady. Thank you all; thank you Life.