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  • “Las Vegas mural in private residence”Las Vegas mural in private residence

    The owner of this home wanted a unique way to pay tribute to his favorite vacation spot on a large wall in the downstairs media room. I designed, and painted a mural that pays tribute to the both the old and new locations along the Las Vegas strip as well as some of the elements of the casino games. Poker chips, roulette wheel, cards and dice, creating a dynamic, colorful backdrop to the bar area of the room.

Holly Messer

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I am an Art Professional

artist bio

I have been creating custom art work in the form of murals of all styles and subject matter as well as art on canvas, both as a profession and an obsession for over fifteen years. I have had the opportunity to create hundreds of murals working both with interior designers and directly with clients in the south eastern Wisconsin area as well as California and Arizona over the course of my artistic career.

In my personal artist endeavors, I've had the pleasure of showing my work at various galleries and participating in a number of events in the Milwaukee area. Including Lucky Star gallery, The Alchemist Theatre and gallery, and Beauty's benefit for the arts held at Turner Hall.