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Matthew Konkel

  • Film
  • Literature
  • Drama
I am a Film Professional I am a Literary Professional I am a Theatre Professional

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Writer * Teacher * Filmmaker

Works at Last House Productions


Last House Productions aspires to make films that are seemingly not created, but unearthed- void of any transparency in the creative decisions of camera angle, actor direction or written dialogue- a sculpture carved from a single rock or tree.

Our films have a genuine sense of realism, engaging in every aspect from performance to imagery- a fusion of narrative and documentary filmmaking styles, achieved by finding stories in nature and telling them with a raw immediacy. In this way, the viewing experience becomes more to an audience than merely projected images; it becomes true, unique and visceral. Succeeding on a level of both social relevance and artistic innovation, our completed films have screened and garnered awards in multiple states across the country.

It is Last House Productions' intention to continue to create works of cinema that are in line with our filmmaking sensibilities.