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  • “Fall Leaves (wool scarf)”Fall Leaves (wool scarf)

    Wet felted and needle felted wool, 2012

  • “Sunflower”Sunflower

    Oil on canvas, 2010 Painted "en plein air" in Corciano, Italy

  • “Brooklyn, 2011”Brooklyn, 2011

    Watercolor on paper, 2012

  • “Seedlings”Seedlings

    Watercolor on paper, 2011 Painted "en plein air" 2011 Cedarburg Plein Air Painting Competition: Riveredge Paintout Honorable Mention

  • “Pumpkins”Pumpkins

    Watercolor on paper, 2008

  • “At The Thresheree”At The Thresheree

    Oil on canvas, 2010

  • “White Barn”White Barn

    Oil on canvas, 2011 Painted "en plein air"

  • “Brokedown Truck”Brokedown Truck

    Oil on canvas, 2011 Painted "en plein air"

  • “Ponte Vecchio”Ponte Vecchio

    Oil on canvas, 2010

  • “Worldly Bird”Worldly Bird

    Watercolor overlaid with painted tissue paper collage, 2011

  • “Strawberry”Strawberry

    Watercolor overlaid with painted tissue paper collage, 2011

  • “Jungle”Jungle

    Watercolor overlaid with painted tissue paper collage, 2011

Elizabeth Carr

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  • Design
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artist bio

I am a fine artist and illustrator with a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MFA from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I have been passionate about art since childhood and currently work in paper collage, oil, watercolor, fiber, glass and jewelry. I have also worked extensively in the non-profit sector, from serving as an Americorps Vista in Brooklyn to directing an art summer camp in Madison to teaching art at community centers and volunteering at the Next Door Foundation. I currently serve as the Outreach Manager at the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, teach art at the Museum of Wisconsin Art and am active as a founding member of Cream City Illustrators.

artist statement

My work is about noticing. About appreciating the subtle variations that set things apart from one another, the beauty in color schemes and spacial relationships that are born haphazardly. I begin abstractly and work toward a level of detail that reflects the mood and subject matter of the piece. I am enthralled with bold color and shape, expressive mark-making and texture. Whether I am working with paint, collage, pen and ink, fiber, glass or jewelry, I approach my work as a designer. I arrange all of the elements of my compositions to achieve an aesthetic that is authentic to my perspective.