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  • “There Are Mountains of Sorrow We Cannot Move”There Are Mountains of Sorrow We Cannot Move

    Mixed Media Sculpture 16.5"h x 21.5"w x 6.5"d Shown at Beloit & Vicinity Show 2016

  • “Warrior (Painting)”Warrior (Painting)

    Acrylic on Canvas 30"h 24"w Shown at Anderson Art Center Solo Show

  • “Warrior”Warrior

    Repurposed Wood Products w/Automotive Finish 43"h x 10"w x10"d

  • “Talking Heads”Talking Heads

    Repurposed Wood Products 12.3"h x 10"w x 4"d Received an award at 2016 Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art (MATA) Membership Show.

  • “Red Zig”Red Zig

    Repurposed Wood Products w/ Automotive Finish 23.5"h x 10"w x 3"d Shown at Pfizer "Super 8" in the Pop-Up Gallery 2016

  • “For the Birds”For the Birds

    Repurposed Wood Products w/ Automotive Finish 37"h x 10-1/2"w x 10-1/2"w Accepted into WVA 2016 Biennial at Museum of Wisconsin Art SOLD

  • “Pavane to an Extinct Thrush.”Pavane to an Extinct Thrush.

    Mixed Medis 19"h x 6"w x 5-1/2"d Bachman's Thrush has not been sighted since 1975 and is assumed to be gone forever. This is my response to that statement. Shown at Bachman's Thrush Show at Gallery 224 in Port Washington. WI-2016

  • “Ruby”Ruby

    70"h x 11"w x 11"d Repurposed Wood Products With an Automotive Finish

  • “John, Dear”John, Dear

    74"h x 15"w x15"d Repurposed Wood Products With an Automotive Finish

  • “Round Pegs in Square Holes”Round Pegs in Square Holes

    22"h x 10"w x 4"d Repurposed Wood Products with an Automotive Finish

  • “Temple”Temple

    34"h x 12"w Repurposed wood products/Automotive finish

  • “Mom's Purse”Mom's Purse

    12"h x 15"w x 5"d Repurposed Wood Products with Automotive finish Created for Alzheimer's Memories in the Making Fundraiser.

  • “Taj”Taj

    Repurposed Wood Products With an Automotive finish 53"

  • “Quixoti”Quixoti

    Repurposed Wood Products 54" h

  • “Blade,Quixote, Taj, and Dubai”Blade,Quixote, Taj, and Dubai

    Threes Sculptures & painting

  • “Blade”Blade

    57" h Repurposed Wood Products Automotive Finish

  • “UntitledPenthouse With Pool (Sculpture)”UntitledPenthouse With Pool (Sculpture)

    36" h Recycled wood products

  • “Penthouse With Pool (Painting)”Penthouse With Pool (Painting)

    30" x 30"

  • “Airplane Bridge”Airplane Bridge

    Mixed Media 13"h x 6"w x 3"d Made of recycled Goodwill finds.

  • “Walk Softly & Carry a Big Stick”Walk Softly & Carry a Big Stick

    30" x 30" Oil on Canvas 1998 Francis & Marcille Elliott Collection

  • “Brooke”Brooke

    Oil on Canvas 30"w x 40"h 2003

  • “Stuck in the Middle With You”Stuck in the Middle With You

    40"w x 30"h Acrylic on Canvas

  • “Speak No...”Speak No...

    36"h x 54" Oil on Canvas

  • “Being Chicken (Front)”Being Chicken (Front)

    Mixed Media 9" high 2013

  • “Being Chicken (Back)”Being Chicken (Back)

    Mixed media 9" 2013

  • “The Rood Screen”The Rood Screen

    Recycled Wood Products

  • “Shaken' Not Stirred”Shaken' Not Stirred

    24" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas Partially painted with a martini strainer.

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