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  • “Chakra Tree”Chakra Tree

    Oil on Canvas. 12"x24". Private Commission.

Tia Richardson

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artist bio

I'm a visual artist based in Milwaukee using many mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, ballpoint pen and colored pencil. My favorites are acrylic and oil and am using those almost exclusively in my personal work. My areas of expertise are portraiture, murals, working with groups of youth and/or adults, bookmaking, and papier-mache. I'm also a founding member of Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company.

My formal training has been in fine arts and Graphic Design, of which I graduated with a degree in 2003. After getting laid off from my job as a graphics specialist in 2007, I began freelancing as a designer and working exclusively as a resident fine artist in community centers, neighborhood organizations, and public schools around Milwaukee. To date I have completed over 30 collaborative murals and other creative projects with youth around the city.

Some of my past projects have included:
~ Acrylic outdoor and indoor murals. The smallest being 4'x8', the largest over 192 sq. ft.
~ Papier-Mache. My favorites were a 6' ornamental tree, and an igloo (K5-2nd grade).
~ Bookmaking. I helped two classes write a story on the life cycle of a bean from the bean's perspective; bind and illustrate their own books. I've also turned bookmaking projects into real bound books using Shutterfly for a class.
~ Portraiture. I specialize in oil portraiture, both people and pets. Please visit my website for my portfolio.

artist statement

My focus right now is community-based art, i.e.. collaborative murals with youth and the community. I use talking circles to generate deep listening to each other so that every voice can be heard. I believe in the power of listening and creating relationship through a common experience, such as doing a mural around issues affecting us individually or as a group, and then reflecting on the experience. I believe in giving equal value to the process; that the experience is what heals and the outcome - the mural - is not just a product but a testimony. I'm available for residencies after school during the school day, after-school, and year-round.

My artistic goals are to facilitate more collaborative efforts between artists and the community, produce works of inspirational art, writing and illustrating for children and adults.

Through the work I do I seek to express qualities of beauty and confidence, and relationship to self, each other, and the Earth.