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  • “The Man Who Sold Himself To Himself [on left]; The Lost Father Archives [on right]”The Man Who Sold Himself To Himself [on left]; The Lost Father Archives [on right]

Dean Valadez

  • Art
  • Literature
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artist bio

Dean Valadez received his MFA from Boston University and taught there before getting a teaching position as Associate Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.

He has exhibited nationally in Chicago, Boston, Dallas, New Haven, Manhattan, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.; locally at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Haggerty Museum of Art, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Schauer Arts Center, Ripon College and various other venues. His artwork has been published in 'From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association'; BookForum, Volume 17, Issue 2; and New American Paintings, number 41. Dean also researches media ecology and has given
presentations on 'Swarm Intelligence and Superstructures' at UWMilwaukee,
'Embodiment and Mass Communications: Cyber and Mechanistic Perceptions of the Body' at the 12th Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College, and 'Remix Theory and Remix Culture' at the FATE Biennial in St. Louis, MO for the purposes of contemporary education. His essay 'Embodiment and Mass Communications' was published for the proceedings of the 12th Biennial Symposium, and 'The Chimerian Man: Notes on a Remix Culture' for the webzine RCP.MLK2000.

"I grew into drawing and painting from a literary field and an innate habit of taking things apart, as a way to begin reassembly. My indebtedness to great grade school, high school, and college teachers is due to their allowance and promotion of disassembly and reassembly either in literary criticisms, poetry deconstructions, socio-analytical breakdowns, and mass media analysis. It is these processes that enforced in me a way to disassemble things I read, see, and experience in order to re-construct the reasons for their significance in society. This has resulted in a curiosity that extends beyond drawing and painting and into sculpture, video, photography, new media, visual culture studies, and media studies."