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Marcella Kearns

  • Drama
I am a Theatre Professional

artist bio

Marcella (Marcy) is an actor, theatre educator, and coach.

In the Midwest, she has appeared onstage with Renaissance Theaterworks, First Stage Children's Theater, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, In Tandem Theatre, goats & monkeys, Milwaukee Shakespeare, Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, and Milwaukee Repertory Theater; outside the region, she has worked with Studio Arena Theatre, Chamber Repertory Theatre, and Texas Repertory Theatre.

She teaches acting to students from K-4 through lifelong learners. As a coach, she prepares clients one-on-one for theatrical auditions, musical recitals, business presentations, and more, specializing in nurturing ease, confidence, intention, and specificity.

Marcy holds an MFA from the University of South Carolina and completed a Fulbright Fellowship in Vienna, Austria.