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  • “United Way Banner Celebration 2011”United Way Banner Celebration 2011

    Banner created with over 50 students at a Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee. This then hung in the Milwaukee City Hall for the "Giving Back Campaign for United Way." I was lucky enough to design/direct this project for 3 years.

Tami Zwicke

artist bio

I am a very enthusiastic well rounded artist. I completed my BFA at the University of Whitewater WI and my MFA at the University of Sunderland, UK. I have a extensive background in: graphic design, mixed media, ceramics,sculpture, painting, drawing, illustration and murals.
My favorite medium to work in is mixed media instillation focusing on using recycled materials. I have been using these materials for over 15 years since my undergraduate program at Whitewater. For the last 6 years I have been active as a mural artist and art specialist. I have worked many commissioned jobs. Some examples are: Milwaukee County Zoo, Di Carlos Trattoria, United Way Giving Back Campaign and many more. I am a published photographer and am hired often to shoot photos of events around Milwaukee.
I have worked with over 30 different Boys and Girls Clubs teaching and directing a variety of programs from photography, murals, art to wearable art shows and plays. I also have worked with over 50 different COA's, churches, schools, private schools etc. through Danceworks, Arts@Large and Milwaukee Public Theatre. My main focus is using recycled materials to create art. Most recently I was the Artistic Director at 9 different Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee and worked with over 600 students of all ages to create costumes and banners for the 2013 Latino Parade. I was hired by Milwaukee Public Theatre. I also was recently hired by Danceworks to create the visual art program for IMAP which is a intergenerational program.

artist statement

I believe that anything is possible. The bigger the better. I always try my hardest and always find a way to complete whatever project I am given. I plan to always learn, experiment and create. Wether this be in my home, garden or working with others.
I fell in to the niche of working with kids of all ages and find that I love creating with them. Every day is exciting and if I can pass on some of my enthusiasm to some one else that is even better. Anyone can create.