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Arts in Milwaukee

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Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company

  • Drama
  • Music
We are Theatre Professionals We are Music Professionals


Playback Milwaukee Theatre is an improvisational theatre company. In Playback Theatre, an audience member tells a true-life story and then watches as the story is brought to life by trained Playback players who re-enact the story on the spot (accompanied by live improv music). The stories performed may be funny or tragic or anything in-between, with the intention always to honor the storyteller. Playback Milwaukee produces performances in collaboration with community organizations and schools to create spaces for the community to share, celebrate and remember our personal and collective histories. Playback Milwaukee also conducts workshop series and residencies in area schools.


Playback Milwaukee’s mission is to promote healing from oppression, to promote freeing minds, bodies, and hearts, and to promote the weaving together of community and solidarity, through telling and playing our stories.