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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “"A Woman's Language Shock"”

    20 pages booklet - 12 drawings 15x17" and 12 paintings 30x36"- about my experience of a new language in Wisconsin 2010-2014.

  • “Re-Birth 140804”Re-Birth 140804

    Oil on canvas 30"x36" This painting is part of a study set focus on the glance.

  • “Unpublished States 140830”Unpublished States 140830

    Oil on canvas 30"x36" Again, spirit opens to search for new forms and unpublished states.

  • “Horse of Troy 130400”Horse of Troy 130400

    Oil on canvas 30"x36" Currently never exposed, I am waiting for.

  • “Blue Eye 140703”Blue Eye 140703

    Oil on canvas 30"x36" This comes from my search for new forms and unpublished states, curious and open.

  • “Blue eye 131002”Blue eye 131002

    Oil on canvas 30"x36"

  • “Ocean View 08”Ocean View 08

    Drawing Conte on Canson 15"x17"

  • “Intimacy Glance 130408”Intimacy Glance 130408

    Oil on canvas 30"x36"

Colette Lousberg

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artist bio

Colette Lousberg is an artist currently living in Milwaukee area, Wisconsin. Originally from Belgium, she regularly exhibits her works of art in Europe. Her predilection techniques are drawing and oil painting.

artist statement

I sculpt and paint the space of my life to suit my desire and my curiosity. Materials, colors, oils, sands: all that the earth provides is perfect. It is like it calls for me, and I enjoy it. Why limit or restrict it? Yes, from zebra and cheetah, to the bark of the tree and the zinc of the counter, to the smell of cut hay and the light of the lighthouse. In the flow, I release my unity, my strength of being.
Every step on the way of life is an opportunity to discover, share and marvel.


“"There is no end, there is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion for life" ”
Federico Fellini