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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “Rise III”Rise III

    12 x 12 Oil on canvas

  • “Chickadee Flight”Chickadee Flight

    20 x 16 Oil on Canvas

  • “Rise II”Rise II

    Oil on paper

  • “Rise I”Rise I

    12 x 12 Oil on canvas

  • “Cranes in Flight”Cranes in Flight

    20 x 16 Oil on Canvas Included in MATA 2016 spring exhibition. Awarded "Emerging Artist Award"

  • “Zoo Snow Leopard”Zoo Snow Leopard

    Colored Pencil on watercolor paper

  • “Three Trees”Three Trees

    Colored pencil on watercolor paper Recently juried into the Winter Annual Exhibition at the Anderson Arts Center (Wisconsin Visual Artists)

  • “Two Trees”Two Trees

    Colored Pencil on watercolor paper

  • “Yellow Bird Study”Yellow Bird Study

    Mixed Media

  • “Yellow Birds Gallery”Yellow Birds Gallery

    Mixed Media

  • “Rooster Study”Rooster Study

    16 x 20 Oil on Paper

  • “Parfrey's Glen”Parfrey's Glen

    36 x 96 Oil on Board

  • “Timber Pathway”Timber Pathway

    96 x 48 Oil on Board

  • “One Tree Hill”One Tree Hill

    48 x 48 Oil on Canvas

  • “Birch Lane”Birch Lane

    16 x 20 Oil on Canvas

  • “Birch Fire Lane”Birch Fire Lane

    5' x 7' Oil on Canvas

  • “Big Hill Road”Big Hill Road

    48 x 24 Oil on Board

  • “Harvest Winter”Harvest Winter

    14 x 14 Oil on Canvas

  • “Blooming Crab Apple”Blooming Crab Apple

    20 x 16 Oil on Canvas

  • “Garden at Twilight”Garden at Twilight

    48 x 18 Oil on Board

  • “Pewitt's Nest”Pewitt's Nest

    8 x 10 Oil on Board

  • “Fall Birches”Fall Birches

    36 x 48 Oil on Canvas

  • “Sanctuary”Sanctuary

    36 x 24 OIl on Board The Ridges Sanctuary in Door County

  • “Convergence”Convergence

    OIl on Canvas 36 x 72

  • “Door County Heritage”Door County Heritage

    20 x 16 Oil on Canvas

Steve Langenecker

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  • Theatre
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artist bio

Steve Langenecker is an artist and teacher at Kettle Moraine High School and Kettle Moraine School For Arts and Performance. Steve first picked up a brush when he was given his mother's set of acrylic paints at the age of nine. He learned to paint by trying to emulate the styles of other local Wisconsin artists and to represent the natural world around him in the rural and marsh landscapes of the Horicon Marsh area. At the age of 19 Steve had his work juried into Birds in Art at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and has continued to exhibit his oil paintings and drawings featuring landscapes, flora and fauna. Eight years ago he added teacher to his list of passions and currently works in an interdisciplinary high school (KM Perform) In addition to MARN , Steve is a member of Wisconsin Visual Artists and MATA and is represented in Door County at Fineline Designs Gallery in Ephraim

artist statement

Over the course of the last several years I have begun to reflect on my nature paintings as both scientific and spiritual explorations of surface, color, and movement. The reference images I take with my digital camera allow me to zoom into a pixelated world of color that the naked eye does not see. This scientific discovery only makes the work of the Seurat and the Impressionists even more brilliant because they invented these color theories before they could be proven by magnification. No matter where you look a one inch squares showcases more variety than ever could be imagined by George or Claude or Mondrian. It is invigorating to now see all of these familiar places I paint over and again in a new context. As I mix my 20 different tints and shades and saturations of green and then dot, dot dash hours away to create a shimmering surface of light and color that fuse into a structure that is both scientifically based and spiritually transcendent, In my explorations with paint, I've experienced that the two are not mutually exclusive from each other.