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  • “Blue Canvas #1 2015”Blue Canvas #1 2015

    8” x 10" Acrylic on Canvas http://fineartamerica.com/featured/blue-canvas-1-carley-knight.html

  • “Pink and Gold 2015”Pink and Gold 2015

    8” x 10" Acrylic on Canvas http://fineartamerica.com/featured/untitled-2015-carley-knight.html

  • “Green Waves 2016”Green Waves 2016

    8” x 10" Acrylic on Canvas http://fineartamerica.com/featured/green-waves-carley-knight.html

  • “Black and Purple 2016”Black and Purple 2016

    8” x 10" Acrylic on Canvas http://fineartamerica.com/featured/untitled-2016-carley-knight.html

  • “Heaven and Hell 2016”Heaven and Hell 2016

    8” x 10" Acrylic on Canvas http://fineartamerica.com/featured/heaven-and-hell-carley-knight.html

  • “Yellow and Purple 2016”Yellow and Purple 2016

    8" x 10" Acrylic on Canvas http://fineartamerica.com/featured/yellow-and-purple-carley-knight.html

  • “Web of Life”Web of Life

    My fiber art piece that was shown at the MARN mentors/mentee show at the Var Gallery December 2015

  • “Rivers of Doubt 2015”Rivers of Doubt 2015

    8"x10" Acrylic on Board Sold

  • “green abstract digital piece”green abstract digital piece
  • “abstract necklace”abstract  necklace

    A copper and brass necklace that I made and designed myself.

Carley Knight

  • Art
  • Literature
I am an Art Professional I am a Literary Professional

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Contact Info
Carley Knight Art
3659 E Allerton Ave
Cudahy, WI 53110

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artist bio

Carley Knight is an emerging artist who works in a wide range of media, from painting with acrylics to metals and fibers. She lives and works in Milwaukee, WI where she was born and raised. Carley has been interested in art for as long as she can remember. When she was a child the answer to the question of what she wanted to be when she grew up was always an artist. Carley attended the UWM Peck School of the Arts starting in 2011, but left early and is mostly self-taught in painting.

She was selected to participate in the 2015-16 MARN mentors program and was paired with the renowned folk artist Della Wells. The mentor/mentee exhibition took place at the VAR Gallery in Milwaukee in 2016.

Ms. Knight has been in a number of exhibitions. Carley first exhibited her paintings during Bay View Gallery night at the Magnet factory in 2016. She has participated in numerous shows, most recently in 2019 at the Hangout Milwaukee cafe. She has sold her art in a variety of locations in and around the Milwaukee area. Ms. Knight is always looking for new opportunities to show her work. She was accepted to be one of the artisans at the Milwaukee Makers Market in August of 2020.

artist statement

I choose to paint abstractly because I want to express something that is inside of me that cannot be expressed through words alone. I am mostly inspired by my “doodle” drawings that I drew during my time as a student to keep my mind occupied. My paintings are also inspired by the fiber art that I make. I like to think that my work represents the interconnected web of life, exponential growth, and an organic process. 

I use acrylic paints because they dry quickly. That allows for layers of color to be developed over a shorter period of time. Speaking of color, I like to play with colors in my work, for the main “web” I like it when one color gradually turns into the next shade, one ring at a time. I use a complementary for the “ribbon” to make the painting “pop.” People who view my work say they see neurons or other organic shapes in my art. I want to let the viewer interpret my work for themselves.