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  • “A Song for my Companion”A Song for my Companion


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I am an Art Professional

artist bio

I grew up in Kansas.
I went to Art School in Milwaukee
I went to Art School in Kansas
I went to Art School in Milwaukee
I made art that was emotive and messy.
I made tiny things that have never been seen.

artist statement

I adorn, and illuminate.

I take the detritus and the cast away parts of people, items, and animals, then enshrine them and make them ready to be worshiped. I want to bring focus back to the things that are disgarded by reusing them as parts within my art and as a central subject of my art. I use the bright gold, brass, jewel tones, and strong pigments to create a sense of religious relics or idols.

Secondary to this, people hold on to locks of hair, baby teeth, broken pocket knives because they belonged to someone they loved. Keeping these items helps them remember the person. What is and isn't acceptable in our society varies. Becasue of this I enjoy taking these beloved items of friends and family and create a piece of beauty that can be shared with others and not seen as trash.