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  • “Woman of the World”Woman of the World
  • “Earth”Earth
  • “Layers of Life”Layers of Life
  • “Specimans From an Earlier Time”Specimans From an Earlier Time
  • “Systems Analysis”Systems Analysis

Kathleen Walter

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artist bio

Kathleen Walter is a retired instructor from 8 years atAlverno College and 34 years art teaching career with the West Bend schools. She received a Master of Education in Integrated Curriculum from Alverno College and a Bachelor of Fine Art from UW-Milwaukee. Her body of work is influenced by living on a small farm in Washington County surrounded by nature. Her collage and assemblage work has been exhibited throughout the Milwaukee area and state including the Charles Allis Art Museum, Leenhous Gallery, and John Michael Kohler Art Center, Urban Ecology Center.

artist statement

My work is reflective of the synergistic connections I see between man and nature. I am interested in the ever-widening concentric circles of connectedness between all things on earth and beyond. My investigations have brought me to a realization of the commonality of many systems in nature and the manmade world and the similarity of mythologies and metaphors surrounding both realms. The maps that are part of much of my collage work have become the symbol for our human need to control and contain nature. The objects from nature represent the organic nature of our lives and the natural world we are a part of. The intent of my work is to bring a moment of reflection upon the world and the connection we have to it.