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  • “Chillin out on Brady St.”Chillin out on Brady St.

    Acylic and pen on canvas.

Byada Meredith

artist bio

Hello there, my name is Byada.

I believe everybody had the same question when we were kids, "What would I like to be when I grow up?".

Ummm... I actually still have this question.. this is always and forever my super tough question.

"I don't know... I think I'd like to be a nurse!" That was always my standard answer. But to be fair to myself, when I was a kid I remember always having a pencil and ruler in my hands and trying to draw a picture in the air, on the wall, a table or wherever I could. I would pick through pieces of wood from my grandpas shop (mr. carpenter) to make my own sculptures. It seems that the whole time I was planning to become a nurse I was actually getting to know art.

Since there is a bit of pressure on young people to get a good job in the government or industry, it wasn't until I was almost finished with high school that I decided to search for an art school for myself. Having found one I liked, I studied for 3 years at a College of Fine Arts and then continued my studies of art at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology in Ladkrabang Bangkok Thailand. I stated here in 1998 and achieved a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in 2002. My major was in printmaking, though I studied many traditional techniques and after graduating I went on to work as an art instructor. Throughout this time and after I tried many different disciplines and ways of living such as graphic design, website design, carpet design, product design, painting, drawing and traveling, etc.....

And finally, after all this, it seems I found myself (or more of myself!). It seems there are 3 major things that I enjoy doing more than anything else in this world - these are Art, Cooking, and Travel. :)

artist statement

I am an artist classically trained in Thailand and steeped in our traditions and ways. Moving to America has opened me up to many new incredible experiences and each piece of my art is like a page from a journal, detailing in pictures my changing understanding of the world around me and my feelings about my new life. My images and paintings are my translations of this interesting and wonderful new place to myself!