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Stephanie Bartz

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Contact Info
Stephanie Bartz Photography
Milwaukee, WI 53213

(414) 453-2060

artist bio

Photographer Stephanie Bartz has been storytelling with her camera for 20ish years. She engages her subjects ( kids, k9s, and grown-ups ) by shooting on location and waiting patiently for moments to happen. When photographing her subjects on land, in water, or even on the back of a motorcycle, Stephanie infuses her playfulness, wit, spontaneity, and love of laughter into her work.

Stephanie has worked with several Milwaukee-area schools to teach students the joys and wonders of photography.

Her recent venture combines the love of photography and jewelry called PIXessories, creating a wearable art piece.

Stephanie's work can be found in galleries, boutiques, and private collections throughout the country.