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  • “Sasha Kinens”Sasha Kinens

    Works in oils, portraits.

  • “Sasha Kinens”Sasha Kinens

    Works in oils, portraits.

  • “Roxartmke”Roxartmke

    Roxane Mayeur, works in encaustic, cold, wax & a mixed media,

  • “Roxartmke”Roxartmke

    Roxane Mayeur, works in encaustic, cold, wax & a mixed media,

  • “Megan Woodard Johnson”Megan Woodard Johnson Abstract artist

  • “Megan Woodard Johnson”Megan Woodard Johnson

    Abstract artist

  • “Erica Turner as seen in Time magazine- April 6th, 2020”Erica Turner as seen in Time magazine- April 6th, 2020

    Erira Turner of Bridge the Divide. Bridging Divides Across America. Time Magazine ( April issue). Talking it Out with Erica Turner and Heidi Wheeler (Cedarburg, WI). My portrait of Erica Turner, from a Love Wisconsin photo shoot. Bridge the Divide Discussion Group

  • “Erica Turner- Bridge the Divide”Erica Turner- Bridge the Divide

    I had the great fortune of photographing GregErica Turner Erica Turner a few months ago. Check out all the good this woman is doing for her community and beyond!

  • “Erica Turner- Bridge the Divide”Erica Turner- Bridge the Divide

    I had the great fortune of photographing GregErica Turner Erica Turner a few months ago. Check out all the good this woman is doing for her community and beyond!

  • “Social Distancing - series”Social Distancing - series

    Keith Pulvermacher, a Midwestern musician.

  • “Social Distancing ”Social Distancing

    From Love Wisconsin. What does life in Wisconsin look like during social distancing? We asked one of our wonderful Love WI photographers, Stephanie Bartz of Wauwatosa, to share her answer to that question—in the form of a photo+caption, of course: “One of the things I love about photographing people is the engaging and connecting part of it. I've always been able to keep a safe distance with my camera, I just never HAD to before. Still, it’s helped lift my spirits to get out and engage with friends at a safe distance. (Although not hugging has been hard for me!) I arranged this photo shoot with my buddy, Keith Pulvermacher, keeping in mind the location that fit his style of music. He calls it Midwestern, saying ‘It's a kind of melting pot of blues, pop, country, soul, and Americana.’ All of the music he loves. Keith’s industry has been hit hard with events and gigs being cancelled. But no matter what, the music continues. Keith now plays, like so many others, from basements, garages, and kitchens.”

  • “Brenner Brewery”Brenner Brewery
  • “Dave- artist”Dave- artist
  • “Fine Dining”Fine Dining

    Shot for Jennifer Bartolotta for her then small business for dog owners.

  • “Dad”Dad

    Being dad.

  • “Dog Tired”Dog Tired
  • “Slurp”Slurp
  • “Looking Out”Looking Out

Stephanie Bartz

  • Art
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Contact Info
Stephanie Bartz Photography
Milwaukee, WI 53213

(414) 640-7976

artist bio

Stephanie Bartz is a Milwaukee based photographer who brings a playful and upbeat approach to every project. With 25 years of experience behind her, there is not problem she hasn’t encountered – and solved. Stephanie’s attention to detail, classic Midwestern work ethic and good natured attitude combine to create an incredibly comfortable and highly successful shoot day for her clients.

Stephanie’s passion for location photography took her on a second journey as a location scout for commercial and film productions. Even when she’s not behind the camera, she’s still involved in creating lush images and crafting candid moments.

Both of these worlds combine to make Stephanie equal parts detective, dot-connector, and storyteller. The magic Stephanie creates behind her camera starts with listening to her subjects, making them feel at ease, and unveiling their true essence in breath-taking fashion. True-to-life moments are revealed every time Stephanie gets behind her camera.

Her work has appeared in publications across the country including Time magazine.

She's a member of Local First Milwaukee, a member and committee member of Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council, the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, and the Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance.

Services include:

· Branding for creative businesses and business professionals.

· Location scouting for major television and film industry experts.

· Personal portraiture of individuals, loved ones, and families.

· Beloved dog portraiture that melt hearts of cat people, too,

One Woman. One Camera. Endless Possibilities.

artist statement

To me,photography has always been about connection, relationships, storytelling, and creating real moments for my subjects.

Before our portrait session, I like to get insight into their personalities to better understand how to put them at ease and bring out the best in them. I scout the locations for the best light and angles. On our portrait day, I am open to allowing the fun and funny, the crazed and crazy, or the quiet and calm to reveal itself, whatever makes the most sense for this portrait session. I was set up at a fancy restaurant with four golden retrievers, thinking that they'd sit in the booth with their owner. Ha! Three of the dogs did hop up and sit in the booth while the puppy (1 year old) jumped on top of the table! I quickly clicked my shutter to capture. It made the shot! Another example was of a couple that were engaged. The woman mentioned to me on the phone, before the shoot, that she and her fiancee liked to skinny dip in their pond. When I arrived, I asked if they'd be open to that as well as the normal clothed ones. It was a sweet shot of them, jumping off the pier as their dog looks on. I call it “Taking the Plunge.”

I approach kids and canines in the same way. I let them control the movement of the session. For me, I love photographing them as they are; I wait patiently for them to react to me or relax and catch them being themselves. I find both kids and dogs wildly spontaneous and a total joy to photograph.

Working with grown-ups is great fun as well but I use a slightly different approach. In pre-session discussions, we determine if the portraits are for business and branding themselves or for more personal uses like family portraits. I love to collaborate but also enjoy when they trust me enough to let me run wild with my ideas.
Choosing black and white or color is a personal choice. I tend to love rich black and white images which offer such a timeless look. When working in color, I opt for saturated, muted, or subtle tones as the mood of the image requires.
My photography style is free and flows easily from posed to candid to real life.

More up to date work on my Blog Photo Mondays and Instagram