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  • “R.I.P PRINCE " In Color "”R.I.P PRINCE

    A tribute to Prince's last concert in Atlanta Georgia @ the Fox theater

Felix Bofil

artist bio

Self taught Milwaukee Collage Artist...

artist statement

Becoming a collage artist was never a conscious decision on my part
It was simply a natural extension of my love of photography.
Looking back, it makes more sense to say that the art of collage found me
(in one way or another) more then I found it.
Today, I create collage art as a retreat from the frustrations of the world
To have a creative outlet and to gain a new view of the world !
Indeed, the juxtaposition of different people and places makes us see
the world in a way we haven't seen it before.
It is the oneness of a collage that is perhaps the most inspirational part.
In a world clearly divided by race, class and greed !
A collage is a place where we all can exist equally; we are all stars here.
Faces and places, peacefully integrated in a picture forever !
"Collage" Where art becomes you !