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    Harper going for a mark during water work practice. She is all drive and concentration, biddable to a fault, the definition of a true sporting dog, " Alert, active and intelligent, sporting dogs have historically been used by hunters to locate, flush or retrieve game from land or water." Harper is and English Springer Spaniel, she flushes game.

Melody Carranza

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artist bio

Melody Carranza was born and raised in San Bernardino, California. At 18 she enlisted in the Army. She moved to Milwaukee in 1980, where she attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. She graduated with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Photography from the Milwaukee Area Technical College.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and more recently studied photography and graphic design at Milwaukee Area Technical College, she graduated with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Photography in 2004. While studying photography she received placements in both the Wisconsin News Photographers Association (Illustration Photo) and Associated Collegiate Press (News Photo) photography contests. In 2008 she was awarded 1st place color photo and 2nd place black and white photo in the annual AKC Gazette photography contest. This year she received an award from Graphic Design USA for Ad Design and is a featured artist in the CoPA 5th Annual Midwest Juried Photography Exhibition.

artist statement

As the sport of hunting wanes, so goes the preservation of wetlands, forests and prairies, replaced by housing tracts, strip malls and flat mountain tops. What we tend to lose sight of, is that whether we label ourselves as environmentalists, conservationists, conservatives or progressives, we all share a common love and respect for wildlife habitat, game and non-game species.

The primary focus of my photography is members of the Sporting Group of dogs, which include pointers, retrievers, setters and spaniels. My intention is to show them and their handlers devotion to one another and their love of working in the field, doing upland bird hunting.