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  • “The Warrior”The Warrior

    portrait, oil on canvas

Deb Marett

  • Art
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artist bio

I create narrative portraits that go beyond the traditional. A portrait is a gift for many generations to come!

I am accepting commissions for custom portraits. I typically do a photo shoot with my subjects; however I am willing to work from provided photos if they are of high enough quality and suitable for painting. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a portrait project.

My solo show, FAMOUS, celebrates everyday heroes with narrative portraits and inspiring stories. Showing now through March 25 at the Racine Arts Council Gallery, 316 6th Street, downtown Racine.

artist statement

After a brush with neuropathy during medical treatment 2 years ago, I have been painting with a new-found appreciation of the time allotted to me to develop my work.

My portraits show people in moments of unguarded realness. I place my subjects into simple environments, which still give the viewer a glimpse of the deeper complexities of each. I approach each painting the way I, like any introvert, build a relationship with a friend. Understanding is gradually, honestly, added to over time, rather than setting prior expectations.