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  • “Santa”Santa

    What a fun portrait to paint! Milwaukee's Bruce Nelson, who performs as Santa. See an article about the making of this portrait here:

  • “The Warrior”The Warrior

    portrait, oil on canvas

  • “Undaunted Courage”Undaunted Courage

    Portrait, oil on canvas

  • “This One's Mine”This One's Mine

    Monther/Daughter Portrait, Oil on Canvas

  • “Snow Angel”Snow Angel

    Portrait, Oil on Canvas

  • “The Red Shawl”The Red Shawl

    Portrait, Oil on Canvas

  • “Hazel Is Always Dancing”Hazel Is Always Dancing

    Portrait, Oil on Canvas

  • “Pigtails”Pigtails

    Portrait, Oil on Canvas

  • “My Father's Tie”My Father's Tie

    Portrait, Oil on Canvas

Deb Marett

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Deb Marett
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artist bio

I create narrative portraits that go beyond the traditional. A portrait is a gift for many generations to come!

I am accepting commissions for custom portraits. I typically do a photo shoot with my subjects; however I am willing to work from provided photos if they are of high enough quality and suitable for painting. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a portrait project.

artist statement

Creating heartfelt portraits of loved and honored ones. I seek to be a story teller, bringing life and emotion to a painted portrait that will be cherished for many generations. To me, the development of a portrait is a magical process: I feel that painting someone is a very collaborative, giving act. It may just be me in the studio, but my subjects’ presence and character are always on my mind as I work.