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  • “Poppy- Ash”Poppy- Ash

    Mixed Media on Canvas 36"x72"

Fatima Laster

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artist bio

I am a 31-year-old artist born and currently residing in Milwaukee, WI. Although informally trained in art, I enjoy self-navigating my style and skills by utilizing different highly accessible mediums. I am consistently working to advance my knowledge and technique for my craft.

My art portfolio typically consists of larger scale mixed media works sometimes executed through multi-paneled (triptychs and greater) compositions. My art style is contemporary and usually follows an abstract expressionist style to exemplify nonconformity in life and looseness in design and interpretation. I love and am inspired by color and movement. I tend to work with bright and/or bold colors and apply them in a harmoniously contrasting manner to captivate and create a sense of positive, elevated energy. I love stimulating the senses and creating a feeling of euphoria by exploiting bold, vivid contrasting colors through my oil and acrylic emulsions. This play on kinetic energy is also demonstrated with varying textures, juxtaposing brush strokes, splatters and occasionally thick free form spills that move across a composition like erratic sound waves, representing inter-connectivity within autonomous and individualistic lifestyles. With a particular affinity for 3D sculptures, I like applying textured construction material to create a 3D element to my 2D mixed media paintings.

artist statement

I am, both, drawn in and challenged by creating abstract art. The resolve is to execute outside of the lines, boxes, and labels been applied to me. I have been told that abstract art is not “Black Art” and that “women don’t know how to paint”. “So, why pursue abstract art?” you may ask. Because I want to and because I have been told that I can’t. Period. Albeit stubborn, I am a very happy and positive person. So my work represents cheerful resistance against what I have been told that I’m not, can’t do, or can’t be. I merely seek to be the best abstract expressionist that I can be. Dispelling myths and untruths…the by-product.