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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “"Motion Sickness"”

    "Motion Sickness" is a video split into a sequence of photos displayed side by side. The images are of a young women standing in front of a video projection. She rips off her shirt after seeing a florescent pink spot on the sleeve. When she turns around the projection illuminates her bare back as she gazes at the video playing on the wall. â

Cristina Ossers

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

Cristina grew up in Whitewater, WI. In 2011, she moved to Milwaukee, WI where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. For one semester, she studied in Florence, Italy at Santa Reparata International School of Art. After college, Cristina worked on a homestead in El Prado, NM for one month before returning to Milwaukee.

Today, she is a gallery assistant at Var Gallery, and documents artwork by Milwaukee Artists and art-related events throughout the city.



artist statement

My art is a product of experimentation across disciplines and reflection of how popular cultural influences identity and behavior.