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  • “Are You With Us”Are You With Us

    Are You With Us is a digital photo collage series. I wanted the series to be unified through a similar gesture and atheistic. However, the goal was for viewers to then observe unique details within the fictional spaces that I collaged, as well as acknowledge the subtle differences in each model's body language.

  • “How Many Tomorrows”How Many Tomorrows

    "How Many Tomorrows" is a video loop. The loop alternates from my point of view to a cropped still perspective. During the video I am bent over on top of a bar stool and walking along its edges. The production began as a cathartic gesture inspired by a journal entry from 2015--me trying to acknowledge what was a concealed sexuality. However, I see the work addressing broader themes related to the human condition, and asks: what are the consequences of inhibiting authentic behavior?

  • “Motion Sickness”Motion Sickness

    "Motion Sickness" is a video split into a sequence of photos displayed side by side. The images are of a young women standing in front of a video projection. She rips off her shirt after seeing a florescent pink spot on the sleeve. When she turns around the projection illuminates her bare back as she gazes at the video playing on the wall. ​

Cristina Ossers

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Cristina Ossers
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artist bio

Cristina is a Milwaukee based multimedia artist.

She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. For one semester she studied in Florence, Italy at Santa Reparata International School of Art.

After college, she participated in a year long mentorship through Milwaukee Artist Resource Network. She is currently a Gallery Assistant at Var Gallery and Studios, and co-leads a Multimedia Internship for Teenagers at Walker's Point Center of the Arts (WPCA) / ArtWorks.

Her work is currently on display at Var Gallery and Studios.

artist statement

My art is a product of experimentation across disciplines and reflection of how popular cultural influences identity and behavior.