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  • “Ladder in the Garden”Ladder in the Garden

    Acrylic, Drawing Media 40" x 68" 2016

  • “Tower no. 12”Tower no. 12

    Pencil, Digital 24" x 16" 2017

  • “Anthony of Padua”Anthony of Padua

    Acrylic, Drawing media 44" x 56" 2016

  • “Towers with Schemata”Towers with Schemata

    Gouache, Drawing media on Arches #155 22" x 30" 2015

  • “Terrarium of Living Memories ii (detail)”Terrarium of Living Memories ii (detail)

    Gouache, Drawing media on Arches #155 24" x 36" 2016

Adam Stoner

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  • Theatre
  • Design
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Adam Stoner
Milwaukee, WI Un
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artist bio

Adam Stoner is a Milwaukee painter known for his bright, symbolic, poetic work. An artist with a background in theater, he tells visual stories about humans and their internal goings-on—how might those interior lives look? Using loose gesture and a personal lexicon of marks, his images build bridges between figurative external realities and undefined interior landscapes.

artist statement

My practice begins with the collection of odd and transportive moments—and these might include a distillation of current events, everyday activities, or more conceptual narratives. My artwork supposes that people live their lives in a place somewhere between physical reality and abstract emotional affect; and for this purpose I embrace both the figurative and a more poeticized, symbolic mode. The finished paintings tell stories that straddle the divide between the happenings of our world and the obscure, undefined narratives of our inner lives. These interior undercurrents—too often relegated to the back of our minds or extinguished in adulthood—play freely and uninhibitedly in my work. Balancing this approach with a quirky and loose aesthetic, the images hook the viewer into a childlike exchange between the normal and the transcendent.
Something I like about my work is that it doesn’t operate within a narrow band of subject matter; after all, we’re as likely to experience revelation at church as we are at the nail salon. Consequently there’s an interplay between the sacred and the profane, meaning and nonsense, mind and gut. Unimportant material is injected into holy space, and spiritual electricity crackles within the quotidian. Subjects continually muse on the ideas of belief, longing, escape, or theology; and they actively imagine our personal internal wilderness.