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  • “Bean Straw”Bean Straw

    Bean Straw 12in. x 12in. color pencil with black ink on paper ©Terry Hope 2009

Terry Hope

artist bio

Born Terrance Hope Clark in Lakeland, FL, USA in 1952 to Virginia Henry Clark and Vernon Clark. Legally adopted, along with two sisters, by John Henry Anderson in 1963, and moved to Chicago, IL. Moved to Whitefish Bay, WI in 1967. First attended UW-Milwaukee in 1970. Formerly married to Frank Melf (an art director) 1973-1983, resulting in two children: Zoey Angstrom Melf and Cy Gahl. Changed last name to Hope in 1985. Married to Warren Bergmann (a music teacher/cellist) 1985-present, resulting in the birth of Harrison Moshe Bergmann and the adoption of a sister's son, Derek James Bergmann. Founded/owned/operated Dear Old Books, a used book store in Plymouth, WI, 2000-2003. Began professional art career January, 2009.

artist statement

I'm a transplant from central Florida who is very happy in cool and breezy Wisconsin; I am restless and drawn to the natural areas of both regions to work on my art. I tend to fixate on a geographical area and work through an obsession with the landscape and feeling of the place-- very abstracted views. Juxtapositions of color -- resonance and dissonance-- coupled with visual elements I fantasize that I'm absorbing elements from my natural surroundings that give life to my art. I often prepare my paper by crushing, creasing and even tearing to heighten texture, find lines, and preserve white places. Then I add pigment in thin layers that often progress to burnished surfaces.

The pieces I create with irregular squares of intense color-- abstractionist grids-- are distinct from the rest of my work --- they are very important to me, and are influenced by my admiration for the work of Frank Big Bear, Star Wallowing Bull, and Andrea Carlson. I get into a meditative state quickly when I work on these.

In my Naymut Street Studio, I am always preparing for upcoming exhibitions. Although I work small, my work is about to expand. Upcoming projects include prints and enlargements, fabric and storefront installations.