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  • “"Unhinged"”

    3ftx7ft acrylic painting on free standing panel

Elissa Palmer

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artist bio

Elissa Palmer is a contemporary, abstract artist born in Seattle, Washington in 1970. Most of her childhood was spent in Denver, Colorado, her adolescence in Ft. Worth, Texas and her adult life in Chicago, Illinois. In 2014, she settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she began creating abstract art, after a long hiatus she spent raising her daughter Sophie.

Palmer is a self taught artist and believes her work to be an evolution of a doodling technique she taught herself as a child.

Palmer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science from Minnesota State (Metropolitan campus.) Her degree focuses on Political Science and Sociology, with emphasis on social justice. During her time in Minnesota, Palmer was actively involved in activism regarding issues of social justice.

artist statement

I create from past and present joys and sorrows, while envisioning the possibilities of future. Within this premise, my pieces are based on people, places and everyday experiences in life.

I do not begin my process with a pre-determined design, rather, at first, I allow the emotion to drive the design through stream of consciousness. As the process unfolds, and feelings involved begin to surface and solidify, I take a step back and methodically shape the design yielded by the initial process . When complete I am able to title the piece, which I feel connects the visual with the emotion.

I believe my process has created a distinct evolution in my work, it has no choice but to evolve with the fluidity of life.