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  • “"Serenity"”

    One of a kind Mixed Media Sculpture Polymer clay, celluclay, acrylic paint, plaster cloth and found objects 20" x 16" x 5"

Stacy Ollmann

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artist bio

Stacy Lee Ollmann is a Milwaukee artist working primarily in mixed media sculpture. She lives and works a short walk from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan with her husband Scott, two orange cats and sweet old beagle named Bria.

"Studio time has become a spiritual practice for me. It’s an exercise in being fully present in the moment (without the awareness of the passage of minutes and hours). I immerse my attention in the tactile quality of the clay, the richness and variety of the colors, the consistency of the paint on my brush . . . I fall in love with the subtle emotions that emerge upon the faces of my creations. The studio is my temple; the creative process my meditation."

~S. Ollmann

artist statement

I'm a self-taught artist currently engaged in creating a body of mixed media work that I’d describe as both whimsical and poignant. Using a variety of clays, found objects, and paint I express the deepest parts of myself—my fears, my dreams, my spiritual thoughts... I believe these aspects of myself are common in the collective unconscious and that expressing them in tangible form is my way of connecting with my fellow travelers on this journey that we all share.